Masd. lilacina

I bought this plant 3 years ago at the London Orchid Show. I grew it cool for the first year and it did not thrive. The second year I moved it to the intermediate section and it thrived. This plant originates from Peru where average daily temperatures are 20-25deg C.

My culture of this plant is as follows – Diffuse light, never direct sun, high humidity and good air circulation. I keep the compost evenly moist spring to autumn and reduce water from late autumn. I fertilise at every watering, but reduce this in winter. The compost is a mixture of fine bark, sponge rock and sphagnum moss. Masdevallia‟s like to be repotted once a year and this plant really thrives after repotting.

This is a very rewarding plant to grow, it is very floriferous and seems resistant to pests – a big plus in my view! Hilary Hobbs