Youtube Orchid Advice Channels

Here you can find links to useful Youtube Orchid advice.

Howard’s orchids U.K. Brilliant, Many videos, species specific, often scented, fantastic growing advice. (Channel Link)

Mick’s Masdevallia’s U.K. Massies, Draculas and carnivorous plants , excellent grower. (Channel Link)

Lynn’s Orchids, based in southern UK, a wide variety of videos, many ‘whats in bloom’ cool to intermediate, dendrobium and Dracula specialist. (Channel Link)

Roger’s orchids,  almost daily blog, the older videos have some excellent advice, dendrobiums and wide mix, grows in a conservatory U.K. (100s of Videos) (Channel Link)

Gardening at Douentza, Ireland, 4 or 5 excellent videos behind the scenes at Kews orchid greenhouses, growing orchids in a house, good growing advice. (channel Link)

Tropical plants at 53 degrees north, greenhouse growerin the UK with some orchids and carnivorous plants, lots of good tips, north of England (Channel Link)

Missorchidgirl hundreds of videos, covering loads of genera and advice, American based. (Channel Link)

Orchid room in the Copenhagen botanical gardens/greenhouse, fantastic video, interesting

Brads Greenhouse and gardening. Canada, Lots of videos originally lots about orchids and greenhouse set up, but changed a few years ago to carnivorous plants. The original blogs are well worth watching (Channel Link)

Summer Rayne Oakes. American, loads of orchid blogs, mixed bag but some interesting stuff, particularly when she visits botanical gardens. (Channel Link)

The Nature Company – based in South Africa with many fantastic orchid advice blogs

Channel Link

Nature Nell – Based in Florida with regular post of visits to orchid nurseries and amateur growers

Julie’s Orchids – Australian-based grower

Hello Plant lovers – Based in Melbourne, Australia with a similar climate to the UK, grows mainly outdoors, posts weekly with many excellent careguide blogs.

Mark Turner Elite Orchids – UK based specialising in Phrags and Paphs

Orchid by Bryan – Based in the USA with some excellent visits to orchid nurseries