Mexipedium xerophyticum

Mexipedium xerophyticum

‘Oaxaca’ CBR/AOS self

I purchased my plant from Tom Kilina at Fox Valley Orchids Ltd when he attended the British Paphiopedilum Weekend held at Durham in July 1995.

The original habitat is restricted to a single region in Oaxaca, Mexico; it grows on rocks in warm humid (80-90%) conditions, with Agave and Plumeria. It was only found in 1990 when it was described as a Phragmipedium, and then moved into its own genus in 1992 (although it remains in Phrags for judging purposes). Virtually all commercial plants come from this clone originally which has been selfed several times.

Light 2500 – 3500 fc, good air movement required. Fertilizer quarter to half strength weekly while plants growing.

A 3 month dry period (NOT BONE DRY) mid winter to spring.

Temperatures are summer. day 28-29 deg C – night 21-22 deg C

Winter. day 23 -25 deg C – night 17-18 deg C

Mine are grown in medium to small bark chips, perlite and charcoal with a layer of medium chips of sponge rock in bottom of pot. Derek Jackson