Renanthera storiei

Storei is said to be the largest of approx. fifteen species which comprise the genus. It is native to the Far East, the Philippines in particular. If it continues to thrive and grows to anything like the height claimed for it, it will become a problem at some time in the future. The best thing therefore is to enjoy it whilst I can. This is the first flowering so we shall see. It had been in flower for eight weeks at the time of the meeting – a welcome splash of bright colour at a quite dismal time of the year.

This plant was given me about four years ago by Hope Sun and Howard of Water Orchids, Taiwan as appreciation for help I was able to give them with visa – (passport visa NOT credit card) applications. My immediate impulse was to decline as being unnecessary and too much for so little. It was whispered in my ear that refusing a gift might give offence so I gratefully accepted.

It grows under intermediate conditions with the best light I can give it being sited on the south facing side of the greenhouse. Despite that it has, fortunately, not suffered from leaf burn perhaps helped by permanent bubble lining and summer aluminium shading.

Whilst watering and feeding are basically normal the exception is that it is sprayed daily particularly the aerial roots. The plant is situated close to my Angraecum collection which is sprayed daily thus becoming a simple routine. Brian Woodward